An Introduction

Ephsol Education aims to be a caring community and challenging environment in which all feel valued and have the self-confidence, motivation and opportunity to thrive.

The name ‘Ephsol’ originates from my husband’s first names JosEPHSOLomon. It is dedicated to his passion and vision to support each child to unlock their academic potentials.

Ephsol Education was set up to develop and instil confidence in pupils who are looking to improve their skills in English and Mathematics. Ephsol has an excellent academic reputation and we also provide first class care, guidance, support and development so that everyone enjoys a positive experience during their time at the institution and leaves well prepared for life beyond.

Whether your son or daughter is already studying with us or has progressed onto Higher Education the website is designed to provide a wealth of information on our passion and belief to educate young adults to realise their full potentials.

We have experienced teachers and tutors with relevant qualifications to provide excellent tutorials to children of all age range. Tuition is provided in a small and relaxed environment to ensure productivity across the board.

We are ambitious to teach our students to succeed through continuous assessment processes while working collaboratively with parents so that our students leave well equipped to contribute to the world. This is a true reflection of our school’s motto “No lasting glory is won without perseverance”

Ephsol Education is a friendly and happy positive place to study. Most significantly, we benefit from students from a multi-cultural and social background learning in small groups of six which brings a rich diversity to the school. The academic excellence with extremely encouraging examination results in both GCSE and our students gaining admissions into Grammar and Independent Schools is a proven track record of our yearly intake.

Parents regularly tell us that they chose Ephsol Education for their children to study because of our laughter, good humour and warmth that mark relationships between our students and teachers.

We believe that study life should be enjoyed for itself and not just as a preparation for examination. Our extra-curricular enrichment programme is geared towards improving team work, motivational skills and public speaking.

I feel very privileged to lead this most prestigious vision. I work very hard to deliver academic excellence with a genuine breadth to ensure that every child develop as an individual, feeling increasingly confident with themselves to succeed in life.

I hope that this website allows you to get a real picture of what our school can provide. If you need any more information then please contact us at the school.

If you would like to learn more about us, Please contact us.

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