Mrs Kunadu is an inspirational Head teacher driven by a determination, passion and belief in the transformative power of knowledge and learning.

Through excellent subject knowledge and accurate ongoing assessment Mrs Kunadu’s expertise enabled my son to successfully sit entrance examinations for a number of prestigious independent schools. Ephsol gave my son access to teaching he would never have been exposed to, and in unlocking this knowledge nurtured his confidence, belief and resolve to achieve. The teaching team know how children development and progress, and supportively guide pupils and parents to achieve aims. I highly recommend it!


Like many parents I hoped to secure a place for my son at a selective school and was trying to gather as much information and assistance that I needed to secure a place for him. Through a mutual friend, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mrs Mary Kunadu.

From my first meeting with her I was reassured that she had my son's best interest at heart and she made a great effort to get to know my son and identify his strengths and weaknesses. Miss Mary does not drill her children to pass exams, instead she instils in them with a passion and enthusiasm for learning by encouraging them, praising their efforts and making learning fun. She ensures that her children have a breadth of knowledge so that they are fully confident and able in their abilities with their chosen subjects.

My son is now taking his GCSEs and I can assuredly say that he still applies the skills he was taught by Miss Mary to this day. He was one of her children who travelled to Oxford University for a recent trip; he has now set his sights on attending this university. Again, this is the Miss Mary way - of instilling her children with the confidence to never doubt their skills and abilities and to know that with hard work they can achieve anything they set their mind too.

I cannot rate Miss Mary highly enough. I have constantly given her details to other parents seeking a successful tutoring experience for their children. She provides a safe, warm, encouraging and loving environment for her children to thrive - the essential ingredients for a positive learning experience. It is with pleasure that I call Miss Mary a friend who has been a constant source of knowledge, guidance and assistance to me and my children.


I would like to give a glowing testimonial to the school and service that you have provided, which has been of great help towards Jaiden's overall education.

Since attending the school his Maths, Grammar, Literacy has improved. He is able to carry out presentations to his peers with confidence! Jaiden has a thirst for knowledge and Maths is his favourite subject, and he looks forward to his lesson every Saturday with Miss Mary.

As parents Yvonne and I greatly appreciate the vocation that Mary has taken to help both girls and boys to prepare, strive and succeed at academia, especially now that they will enter secondary school education phase.

We believe in the schools ethos and take pride in advertising the school at any given opportunity to any parent that wants to give their children additional tutoring.

Mary is a warm, dedicated and caring person who really believes in what she is doing and a great teacher.

Daniel Drakes-Thomas

I enrolled my son at the school just 4months before the 11+ Common Entrance Examinations. He quickly grasped the concept of the tutorials offered. Kwesi’s writing skills in composition improved within the shortest possible time which. He eventually went on to sit the Common Entrance exams in Sutton and other Independent Schools. As parents we are proud to say that, our son passed all the examinations in Sutton and Whitgift School which proved a difficulty in making an informed decision. We are pleased that our son is currently studying in Wilson’s School. In addition, Kwesi was one of the higher achiever’s to attain a Level 6 across the board in the 2015 National SATs Test.

In 2015, based on our son’s success we enrolled our daughter at Ephsol Education to prepare her to sit the entrance examination into a grammar school. With the dedicated tuition offered by experienced teachers in Ephsol Education, our daughter, Roslyn has also successfully gained admission into Wallington High School for Girls. She will be continuing her studies in Year 7 at the Autumn Term in 2016. Thanks Miss Mary for your support and time in helping our children to achieve the best.

Vivian (Parent)

As a family we have been members of Ephsol Education since 2012. Over the past 4 years we've had two children attending the school, and to say they are enjoying their time there is an understatement, they are thriving in this environment. The reason we chose the school was simple, the tutor (Ms Mary) makes each and every child feel special and unique whiles proving them with the special and academic skill needed as they make the transition from key stage1 through to key stage 3.This is exactly what we wanted as parents for our children. The genuine affection and concern that the tutor show the children at the school truly makes Perseverance School a child’s "home away from home" I know it is rare to find a tutor with all this outstanding qualities which is why I cannot recommend the school enough to friends, family and anyone who wants a wonderful caring and nurturing environment for their children.