Ephsol Childrens Fund

Since 1994, the Founder and President of Ephsol, Mr Joseph Kunadu of blessed memory, has supported less advantaged children with their education in Ghana. With the increasing demand to provide essential and basic needs for under-privileged children, Ephsol Childrens Fund was set up to enable us to spread our tentacles to untapped areas abroad.


It's ALL down to US

The Campaign for Ephsol Childrens FUND

A message from the Chairperson of Ephsol Childrens Fund - Mary Kunadu

Ephsol Childrens Fund launched its first philanthropic Campaign on 25th May 2017 in the UK. We are now at the start of a major global Campaign for Ephsol Childrens Fund, which has some very big ambitions. Our priorities are to better the lives of under-privileged children in Ghana, Jamaica and Pakistan to give them a brighter future to enable them to realise their full potential.

To ensure that no child’s potential is wasted or ambition thwarted by lack of finance;

To find new ways of raising adequate funds to help bridge barriers between impoverished children living in deprived areas of the world.

By making a donation or volunteering your time to support the campaign for Ephsol Childrens Fund you become our partner in achieving these ambitions and realising the aims of our 2020 strategy.

Together we can make an impact

Ephsol Childrens Fund Raising Event Programmes and the other Charity work that we do will save, change and improve lives locally through the support of Parents, Friends and Family in the UK and Children’s Homes Internationally.

From our establishment at Ephsol Education Ltd, we have learned that the best outcomes are always achieved when we work together and harness the power of our community. As an organisation, we are passionate about the development of children’s education and the continuous support to enable them to realise their full potentials.

How many missed opportunities for SAVING THE LIFE OF A CHILD breakthrough or investing in their long-term education will slip through our fingers if we have lack of resources?

The funds raised, and time donated to this Campaign will shape not only the future of beneficiaries in Children’s Homes in Ghana, Jamaica and Pakistan but the future of our forever changing world and the fabric of generations to come.

Help us back the future

We need your help now, more than ever. We ask that as part of this Campaign you become our partners in delivering the benefit and impact that Ephsol has on Children’s Homes internationally. Your drive and generosity will amplify the reach and impact of what we do, enable us to think more freely, plan further, set ambitious goals and open our doors to the less advantaged children, regardless of their background.

So we challenge you, we ask you and we call you to action:

Help us back the future, support the Campaign for Ephsol Childrens Fund.

Ephsol also supports the UCL Teaching and Research programme and other Charitable organisations in the UK.

Thank you